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Considering or caught in the middle of converting from Droid to iPhone? Four years working with Android has made us an expert on Droid apps, features, functions and work-arounds. So, with the release of iOS6, we were hopeful that some of the Apple iOS features would be enhanced to make a more competitive user experience […]

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As Adobe Flex gains some attention recently with it’s beta release of it’s latest version, Flash builder 4 and new Catalyst applications, it becomes more apparent that we need to define the proper use of these new technologies in the real world. Here at Pinion Media we strive to develop on the leading edge of […]

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We know this is long overdue… But, we’ve been so busy developing for clients, we never have time to keep up on our own stuff. – it’s the old “cobbler’s shoes” story! And with the Web2.0 technology and changes sweeping across our industry so quickly, who wants to develop something edgy only to have it […]

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